Monday, 12 September 2016

Bibliography of English-language materials on the environmental history of Russia and its neighbours

Victoria Beale and David Moon have created an online bibliography of English-language materials on The environmental history of Russia and its neighbours.  

The main focus is on the Post-Soviet space, the Soviet Union, the Russian Empire and its predecessors. It currently lists 497 items including books, book sections, theses, journal articles, conference papers and presentations, newspaper and magazine articles, websites, blogs and television broadcasts.
This is a public resource which anyone is welcome to use and pass on to others who may be interested.
If you have suggestions of other items, including your own publications, to add, please contact David Moon on david.moon' 
For practical reasons, this is an English-language bibliography for the time being. One of its aims to bring research on environmental history of Russia and neighbouring countries to the attention of environmental historians of other parts of the globe.
Thanks to The Leverhulme Trust, which funded the project of which this is a part.

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