Monday, 29 February 2016

50% discount on new book "Cycling and Recycling"

New from Berghahn Books:

 Histories of Sustainable Practices

Edited by Ruth Oldenziel and Helmuth Trischler
256 pages, 18 illus., bibliog., index
ISBN  978-1-78238-970-5 $95.00/£60.00

“This book’s conceptual framework is truly innovative and makes a much-needed intervention in the vast literature on sustainability. Writing against the ‘techno-fix mentality’ that dominates so many contemporary environmental discourses, the editors persuasively argue for the need to resurrect ‘older technologies for a new purpose.’” · Edward D. Melillo, Amherst College

In fascinating case studies ranging from the Early Modern secondhand trade to utopian visions of human-powered vehicles, the contributions gathered here explore the historical fortunes of two such technologies—bicycling and waste recycling—tracing their development over time and providing valuable context for the policy successes and failures of today."

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