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CFP: Scientific Seminar on "Environmental History of the Siberian North : Promising Research Directions"

Dear Colleagues

On 15-16 October 2015, Surgut State Pedagogical University will be holding a scientific seminar on 

"Environmental History of the Siberian North : Promising Research Directions"

Environmental historians from the USA and Europe consider Russia to be a great country with unique natural conditions, particularly interesting as it is little known. This is particularly true of the Siberian North which was only recently, and rapidly, developed. At the start of this development the main need was to relate the amount of resources extracted to the needs of industrial development with environmental protection as necessary. These factors make this region interesting for historical-ecology researches both in theoretical and also practical fields.

The main goal of the seminar is to discuss the results of existing research on the environmental history of the Siberian North, both theoretical and methodological, and explore the possibilities for new historical research on the origins and evolution of contradictions between people and nature in this region. We aim to develop a professional dialogue discussing the main theoretical and methodological problems of environmental history.

The program will include members’ reports and roundtables, as well as a cultural program.

The working languages are Russian and English.

The Conference Committee proposes the following themes for roundtables:
  • Historical experience of nature management in the Siberian North: «experience of history» and «experience of historian»,
  • The history of regional environmental policy in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union: the «north variant».
  • Natural resources, natural management and natural protection in the North of Siberia in the historical past;
  • Models of interaction between society and nature in the North of Siberia in the 17th – 20th century.
To take part in the conference, please send a request (details of information to include below) and the text of your article (3 000 - 5 000 words) not later 31 August 2015 to the e-mail:  

The requirements for the article’s format are also given below.

The seminar proceedings will be published. 

The Conference Committee maintain the right to reject requests and articles proposed for publication.
Travel, accommodation and subsistence to be paid for by the participant.

Any questions, please contact the Conference Committee by e-mail: or tel. +7(982) 188 1736/ +7 (913) 143 6440 (Maksim Mostovenko).

Please provide the following information with your request:
  1. Name and Family name, academic rank, work position, place of work
  2. Contact tel. and e-mail
  3. Theme of article
  4. Curriculum Vitae including your scientific field and main research themes. (Please send this as a MS Word or pdf file in a separate attachment)
  5. Text of article
Please send your article in the following format:

Format – А4. Field 2 sm. Type – Times New Roman, size of type – 14, line interval 1,5, indention 1,25, annealing of text – on width.

A list of references should be given at the end of the article. The references in the text should be given in square brackets  [1, p 20].

Articles may be published in Russian or English

The text of the article must include an abstract (not more 250 words) and a list of key words (5-10 words).

The first page must have :

  • name and family name of the author on the first line,
  • place of work on the second line
  • theme of the article on the third line 
  • text of article on the fourth line

John Mill

Surgut State Pedagogical University

Theme of article

     Abstract. An abstract in English.

     Key words. Key words in English

     Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article. Text of article…

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